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Fresh ideas to help battle-weary freelancers earn more.

This online video-based training course is for all new or experienced freelancers who want (or need) to earn more from their expertise, whether full or part-time.

Freelancing is often a viable, or the only option for those who have been made redundant later in life, can’t find another job or need to top up their income when they discover the rules have changed and they won’t be able to access their pensions for years later than they were expecting.

Maybe you want more flexibility to look after your young family. Or you’re an experienced battle-weary freelancer who’s looking for new ideas and some inspiration. After a long career as an employee, maybe you don’t know where to start as a freelancer. This course is for you all.

So many freelancers are brilliant at what they DO, but hate the idea of having to ‘sell’ themselves. This online training course will not only show you WHAT you need to do, you’ll also learn in detail, HOW to create a solid freelance foundation that attracts more in-bound enquiries for higher-quality work, from appreciative clients, so you can earn more. It is practical and based on the REAL world of freelancing in this increasingly competitive and cash-strapped economic environment.

Delivered by a British freelancer with 40 years experience, the live seminar was originally featured in The Sunday Times.

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“A safe pair of hands.”

Roy Sheppard is a seasoned pro who still works as a freelance conference facilitator, MC, speaker and trainer at major international corporate and medical congresses. And a former BBC TV news anchor and reporter in London.

Roy Sheppard on-stage facilitating an industry conference.

Roy has been featured in many UK national newspapers and magazines about freelancing and the changing world of work. And interviewed countless times on BBC radio. Roy is the best possible person you can learn from about these topics. If you are experiencing work challenges, he has probably ‘been there’ himself. He understands what it’s like to be you.

Meet Your Instructor

Building Your Solid Freelance Foundation

  • Introduction.
  • How the course came about.
  • The changing world of work. How it affects you. And challenging questions such as “Are you currently too ‘in love’ with your craft or expertise”?
  • Why you need to plan and build a ‘Freelance Foundation’ for yourself.
  • How trustworthy are you?
  • The link between your reputation and your income.
  • Networking for freelance success
  • One of the secrets to be a brilliant conversationalist.
  • Confident conversation.
  • Building rapport.
  • The awesome potential value from every referral.
  • The amazing benefits of developing a ‘referral’ mindset.
  • Giving talks to generate enquiries – coming next.
  • The Power of Testimonials – introduction.
  • 4 step process for collecting testimonials that will attract new clients.
  • Using video to create testimonials that will reassure new clients to book you.
  • The avoidable (and potentially expensive) mistakes new freelancers tend to make.
  • Q & A Archive – HUNDREDS of questions with video responses.
  • Resources and free downloads.

What freelancers thought of the ‘live’ seminar

“… a must for anyone who is a freelance or is thinking of becoming one. You will realise that all your doubts and concerns are shared by everyone else, and come away with so many good ideas … Too many courses are built on theory, but you know where you are with Roy as he has been there himself. No hype, no bullshit, but sometimes a little close for comfort! Word of mouth recommendation is meant to be the most effective form of advertising. I am encouraging every freelance I know to book on Roy’s next seminar as a matter of urgency! 

Imogen Matthews

“Three months after attending … I have achieved some remarkable results from following the marketing strategies you revealed ….Basically, my commissioned work has trebled…. being constantly booked with quality well paying on-going work. Your well-researched marketing gems are exactly what talented, yet impoverished Photo Journalists need to turn their freelance careers around.” 

Paul McBride


“ I have been a freelancer for almost 12 years….. After attending the course I found myself raring to go and really looking forward to finding new clients and catching up with previous customers….I am sure that prospective freelancers would benefit enormously by attending one of your courses.” 

Annetta Powell

Travel & Tourism Consultant

“Excellent. Inspirational! Condensed what seems a complicated and daunting and sometimes depressing topic into a simple, systematic and positive experience.”

David Wood

Financial Analyst

“Roy Sheppard has refined a multi-purpose tool-kit of ideas, skills and systems which are essential to the freelancer. … very well balanced and catered for the emotionally battered as well as the hardened battlers

Gordon Loncaster

TV presenter and scriptwriter

“I have to say that it was possibly the most useful course I have been on for some time – it certainly gave me confidence as I begin a freelance career.” 

Paul Heinrich

Consultancy, Writing & Research

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